Invisible Red Ball
By: Polecat blog Posted On: 2020-06-05

Everyone stands in a circle facing the middle.
The leader starts by walking across the circle to a specific person and says the person’s name
s/he is now facing followed by “Jane here is the RED BALL”.
The person says “Thank you for the RED BALL George” stating the name of who gave her the ball,
and then s/he walks to someone new, as the leader takes his/her place in the circle,
and says his/her name and says the same thing and so on.
There is no red ball.
You are all just using your imagination and should act as if you are carrying a red ball.
If that was it, this would be a pretty boring activity.
After the red ball has moved on, the leader now walks to someone else and says that person’s name s/he is facing followed by “Jim, here is the Blue Bag of Cement.”
That person says ‘Thank you for the Blue Bag of Cement George’ and then off s/he goes.
The leader should have set the tone as s/he walked across the circle having difficulty carrying this big bag of cement. And so on.
The leader keeps introducing a new object, crazier than the last every 30 seconds or so until you have as many people as possible walking
back and forth across the circle and racing to try and get to those few people not going anywhere yet.
Objects could include stinky socks, crazed cat by the tail, unconscious person and so on.
Note:Watch for left out people when starting new items.