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Newsletter Aug 2010

Author:  InsaneScouter

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August 30, 2010

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InsaneScouter Information

Howdy Scouters, welcome to another issue of the InsaneScouter Newsletter.

I would like to thank CampFireGrill.com for agree to give away three wonderful grills as part of this contest. Further more, I wish to thank everyone who submitted recipes. In total we received 22 recipes. Wow they all look and sound so amazing, it was extremely hard to pick just three winners.

<Sounds of a drum roll>

The winners are:
     Caribbean Island Chicken Foil Packs, Scouting with the Mouse
     Pizza on the Coals, Ken Zabel - BSA Troop 319 – Brooklyn
     Apple Dew, Joe Parajecki

Honorable Mention
     Sausage and Potatoes, Wanda Hendric
     Pineapple Upside Down Cake for One, Terri Butler

     Honorable mentions win free access to the download Scouting resources....

Congratulations to you all!

Please contact me to arrange your prize and let all your firends know you won a grill from InsaneScouter / CampFireGrill.com

In the near future, if you submitted a recipe you will be receiving the e-cook book via email.


As always we could use your help. We can use your help in the following

  • if you know HTML helping me go through over 5,200 pages of content cleaning up the html. Don't worry this not separate pages, but content items in the database. This includes double checking the title and categories it is in.
  • Proofing blog posts
  • Add campgrounds, Scout Camps, etc to RoadCEO.com (our sister site) for outdoor explorers. You can actually help in one of two ways. One is loading places that you already know of. The other is helping load a few thousand federal properties (with research to improve the listing)


Thank you everyone for you awesome support, even just your readership is appreciated and in all honesty a bit surprising. When I stop and think how this newsletter is read by over 1,285 people its jaw dropping amazing to me. I snap to attention and give all you amazing Scouter's a salute.


Dont forget that you can download tens of thousands of Scouting resource for a 1 time gift of $15 and at the same be really helping to keep InsaneScouter alive and well. http://insanescouter.org/p/5429/0/InsaneScouter_Resource_Package.html


New Content

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Musical Charades
Prepare eight to ten slips of paper with names of popular songs. Place them in a bowl. Boys taketurns pulling a song from the bowl and then must act out the title as in the game of Charades,until someone guesses the song title. The player who guesses the title correctly then becomes thenext person to act out a song title. This game can also be played in teams....
Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
New Family Induction - Campfire
Props: Appropriate Cub Scout book, a stick of wood for everyone, campfire (may be a prop).Asst. CM: We have some boys and their parents requesting to join our pack.Cubmaster: Bring them to our pack fire. (Boys and parents come to the campfire.) Please joinme in the Cub Scout sign. (Do the sign) Please give the Cub Scout Motto. DO YOUR BEST. Iknow you will all DO YOUR BEST in Cub Scouting. To help you get started on the road to...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Song Stumpers
One player sings the first line of any familiar song. The others, one by one, try to complete theverse. The first one to succeed becomes the new leader. If no one can do it, the leader completesthe first verse of the song and begins another....
Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
Keep America Beautifull
Scene: Flower and grass wave gently in the breeze. Trash can is sleeping. Litterbug is laughingand throwing pop cans and bottles on flowers, and candy wrappers and newspaper ongrass.Flower:                       Oh, what hit me? My petals are crushed.Grass:                        You should complain. They buried me.Pop can:                    You think I like being thrown around? I could be recycled for money!Bottle:                         Does anyone realize my potential? I could be a flower vase!Litter Bug:                  (Laughs) I love a...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
I'd Like to Teach the World to sing
I’d like to build the world a homeAnd furnish it with love,Grow apple trees and honey bees,And snow white turtle doves.I’d like to teach the world to singIn perfect harmony,I’d like to hold it in my arms,And keep it company.I’d like to see the world for once,Walk hand in hand in hand,And hear them echo through the hillsFor peace throughout the land.It’s the real thing,What the world wants to say,That’s the way it will stay.With the real thing....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Music Magic
Choose a small object to hide. Select one person to be “It.” “It” leaves the room, out of sight.Hide the small object and the group in the room starts singing a song. When “It” hears singing,he comes back and looks for the object. As he nears the object, the group sings louder; as hemoves away they sing softer....
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
The Homemade Band
Cub Scouts sing the following song to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” whiledoing what the line says. From second verse on, keep adding the sounds. So for the third verse,after the gonger gongs, then the clapper claps and the chimer chimes.Suggestion for the instruments: Chime with wooden spoon and pan lid. Clap two flat pieces of wood. Gong a spoon against a pie pan. ...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
One Word at A Time
Place the names of several well-known songs in a hat. Sit the boys in a circle, have one draw aname from the hat and read it aloud. He then says or sings the first word of the song. The boy tohis right then says or sings the second word of the song. The boy to his right then says or singsthe third word of the song, and so on around the circle. (Don’t be surprised when the boys startsinging together.)...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Alphabet Songs
Choose a letter of the alphabet. Starting at that letter, a player names a well-known song whosetitle begins with that letter. Proceed through the alphabet until someone is stumped. Start againwith another letter. For example, the letter chosen is “C” The first player says, “Clementine.”The next player says “Down in the Valley” for “D” and so on. Eliminate the letters Q and Z tomake it a little easier. Also eliminate the word “the” from the beginning of titles. “The BattleHymn...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Alternative
Cub Scout Homemade Rootbeer
1 bottle Root Beer extract5 gallons water5 pounds sugar5 pounds dry ice30 minutes standing timeUse a 10-gallon container. The mixture will EXPAND.Make a syrup out of 1 gallon warm water and sugar.Add 4 more gallons of water. Stir.Add root beer extract. Stir.Add dry ice and leave uncovered for 30 minutes....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Listen and Sing
Make a list of songs and their first lines. Divide the group into two teams. The leader will readthe first line of a song to one of the teams. They have just three seconds to sing the next coupleof lines to it. Score five points if they get it. If the team cannot sing it, give the other team achance to sing it. If they do, they get the five points....
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Zip-Loc Ice Cream
Place in a quart Zip-Loc freezer bag: 1/2 cup milk or cream 1 Tablespoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon vanillaSeal bag. Place the bag inside a gallon Zip-Loc freezer bag with: 2 handfuls of ice 6 Tablespoons rock saltShake, rattle and squeeze for about 5 minutes. Dig in!!If desired, you can add other flavorings like chocolate syrup, frozen or fresh strawberries, orslices of canned peaches....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
ABC Song?
Practice the tune for the Alphabet song. Once the players know it, change the words to sing anursery rhyme. For example, sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” to the tune of the Alphabet song....
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Zip-Loc Fudge
Zip-Loc Sandwich bag (For active hands, use a quart freezer bag) 4 Tablespoons powdered sugar 1 Tablespoon butter (1/8 stick) 2 teaspoons cream cheese Few dashes of vanilla 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon cocoaPut all ingredients in the bag, squeeze out air, zip, and “smoosh” ingredients together until wellblended. If desired, add mini M&M’s, raisins, peanut butter, etc.This is a single serving recipe. ...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Which song are you singing?
Divide the group into two teams. Either assign each team a song or let them choose one. Firstteam starts singing its song. At the leader’s signal, first team stops and second team starts itssong. Alternate back and forth between the teams. The longer the segment for one team, theharder for the other team to resume their song. Can they keep in tune? How about three songs?...
Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
Super Scouts to the Rescue
Props: Uncle Sam costume; bush, bench, etc. for park settingNarrator reads his piece and others act their parts. Narrator may be more than one boys.Narrator:Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we recognize one of our most famous Americancharacters, Uncle Sam. [Uncle Sam enters and stands, smiling.] He stands for everything that isclean and good in our country, America the Beautiful.But what have we here? [Two or more polluters in street clothes enter carrying McDonalds bags.While talking to each other; pulling...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Recycled Lid Frisbee Toss
Collect a variety of plastic lids from containers such as margarine tubs, yogurt containers, coffeecans, etc. With a permanent marker, mark half the lids with one letter and the other half withanother letter (for example “C” and “S” for Cubs and Scouts, “B” and “G” for Blues and Golds).Divide the group into two teams. Give each team a set of lids. Using tape or string, mark twotarget circles about 15 feet away from a base line. Each team must stand...
Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
A Lesson for the Big bugs
BEES: “Buzz, Buzz”ANTS: “Hup, Two, Three, Four”MOSQUITOES: “Bite-e-Bite”FROG: “Croak, Croak”WOODS: All sounds togetherThis is a story about Billy and his family and their adventure in the WOODS. One fine springday, Billy’s family decided to go for a picnic in the WOODS, where they could enjoy theoutdoors. They packed a nice picnic basket and headed out on their walk.As soon as they got to where they were going, they found a nice place to set up their picnic. Billyand his brother...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Pick Up That Trash
(Tune: Home on the Range)On give me a streetThat looks very neat,Where no paper and trash fly about.For when I do seeAll that mess and debris,It makes me just want to shout out...CHORUSPick, pick up that trash.Don’t you care how our streets appear?Oh, can’t you be goodAnd do as you shouldTo keep our neighborhood clean?So during the dayAt work or at play,We should all do our duty so well,And when on the groundSomeone throws their trash down,Do your part and...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Thrash Bag Race
Divide boys into teams of two. Give each team a trash bag and 2 blindfolds. Have one boy ineach team remove his shoes and socks. Both boys are blindfolded. Scatter cotton balls about thefloor. The object is for one boy to pick up the cotton balls with his toes and place them in thetrash bag that the other boy is holding. This game will teach teamwork and is also a good time totalk about disabilities....
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
(Tune: She’ll Be Comin’ Round theMountain)If you’re living in the country on a farm,You’ll enjoy to the fullest nature’s charm.Trees and birds, and bees and flowers,Animals, skies, and grass and showers.You can be outside for hours on a farm.If you’re living in the city, visit zoos.Parks, museums, gardens, aviaries, too.We can all get back to nature,But protect it for our future.Live in harmony and be sure that we do...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Soda Bottle Bowling
Gather 10 empty 2-liter soft drink bottles. Fill each with a few inches of sand or water. Set upthe “pins” in the traditional triangular shape, and take turns bowling with a soccer ball orsomething similar. (It would be a good idea to do a trial run, insuring the ball is heavy enough topush over the pins with a given amount of sand inside.)...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Point With Pride
(Tune: Yankee Doodle)America is beautiful,With views beyond compare;So let’s always stash our trash,And show her that we care.Come on guys, let’s do our part,And clean our countryside;And everywhere that we will go,We can point with pride! ...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Orange Juice Lid Flip and Match
This is a “Concentration”-like game. You will need several metal lids from juice cans, variousstickers or permanent marking pens. Have the Cub Scouts make identical designs on pairs of canlids.Mix up the lids, and place them face down (orderly rows tends to make it a bit easier). The firstplayer turns two lids face up, trying to make a match. Matches are removed from the playingsurface and held by the person who turned them up, then that player tries again, until...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Rain Forest Punch
2 cups orange juice2 cups lemon-lime juice (Sprite or 7-up)2 cups pineapple juiceLemon sherbet (optional)Mix all, except sherbet, together in a punch bowl. A spoonful of sherbet may be added to eachcup of punch....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Newspaper Softball
You will need a rolled up newspaper, 4 bases and 2 cans. Divide players into two teams. Placetwo cans on either side of home plate and the rolled newspaper across the two cans. The firstbatter stands behind the newspaper and kicks it. The game is on. All the rules of softball arefollowed except for the method of putting the ball into play....
Home > About Us
InsaneScouter Resource Package
The InsaneScouter Resource Package is made up of over 800mb of Scouting stuff, see detailed list of whats included below. On occasion you will receive an email alerting you to new items added, which you may also download. It should be noted most of this package can be found online, with enough time and effort. This package can be yours for a $15 gift which will help keep InsaneScouter online and free for to everyone to use. After we receive your gift,...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Chocolate Quicksand
There is really no need to measure the chocolate for this--just squirt to taste.1 banana, peeled1 cup vanilla or chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt1/2 cup milk1/4 cup chocolate syrupIn the morning, slice the banana, place it in a plastic lunch bag and freeze.After school, place all the ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.Makes 1 1/2 cups...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Bag Play
Divide the group into two or three teams. Give each team a bag filled with an assortment ofscrap items found around the house and backyard. For example, the bag could contain a cleanempty yogurt cup, a plastic bottle, a piece of rope, a twig, and some newspaper. Each team hasten minutes to put together a game using the items in their bag. Each team can then demonstratetheir game and everyone can play....
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Squirrel Food
A great healthy after school snack.2 bags corn nuts1 bag dried fruitNuts of choiceSesame seedsPretzelsCheetosMix together as much as necessary. Store in airtight container...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Energy Waster's Hunt
Before your den meeting starts, go and plant energy wasting items for the boys to find, such as;water running, lights on, refrigerator door slightly ajar, recycle items in the trash and so on. Givethem a piece of paper and give them a limited time to go around the yard and the house. Whenthey finish, review their list and discuss how energy was being wasted. Then, as a group, goaround and correct the situations....
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Fuzzy and Scout Aug 2010
Hi All, Scout and I just came in from our vacation at a nice lake. We hope you all had great vacations and of course summer camps too :)As promised I will tell you all about what we did at our...

Meat Casserole Recipe
 This is a dish a friend taught me many years ago. He originally refereed to it as a European Casserole, thought I have no idea why. It is a pretty simple and cheap dish to make. It also makes a...

Weighing My Backpack
There are several techniques to find out how heavy your backpack is before a trek. The most common method is to stand on a scale with and without the pack on. The differences between the two numbers is the weight...

How To Cook Seven Simple Recipes Over a Campfire
This is a nice video chopped full of campfire cooking idea. It has some great ideas on how to cook over the fire. A few ideas I had not seen before. Check it out....

Teaching How to Hold and Pass a Knife
First, let me get the disclaimer out of the way the best way for the Scouts to pass any knife is to lay it down and let the other person pick it up. However, if it can't be laid down...

All Weather Blanket
 First let me get this straight, this is not one of those flimsy tin foil emergency blankets. What is it? An all weather space blanket is half tarp and half emergency blanket. On one side it is a tarp that...

A Really Cool Chuck / Patrol Box
 Looking at the video I bet this thing weights a ton, but I love all the fold out table space. The leg systems seems reasonable. And the wheels on bottom to make it easier to move is genius. Ok maybe...

Alvin Townley
I recently had the honor of talking with Alvin Townley, who is the author of two Scouting related books and is actively taking a role in spreading the word about Scouting. You can check out his website at http://www.alvintownley.com/ ... What follows...

Tacos In A Bag
 This is a very neat and simple idea that the Scouts could do it themselves. The jest of the idea is taking a bag of corn chips and mixing in the taco meat and other items that make up a...

Meet Dean Whinery
I am pleased to announce that Dean Whinery has agreed to occasionally write blog posts for us. What follows is his bio of sorts, so that you know the person behind future posts. Please make him feel welcome... Born in East L.A., I lived in South-central...

How toastmasters helps me as a Scout Leader
Hello again from ptsteve or aka Pack Trainer Steve,What is Toastmasters?  It is Toastmasters International and I have been a member of this organization for more than 25 years.  Has it made me a better Adult Leader, YES!!!  How, now...

AX v.s. Hatchet
What is the differences between an ax and a hatchet? Is it the length of the handle? Is it the size of the tools head? No! The differences is actually the shape of the tool. Take a close look at...

Howdy, from the Natural State
Hi, my name is Scott McClure and I have volunteered to start writing here on the blog. I wanted to take this first post to introduce myself and to give you an idea of what I 'll be...

Bushcraft Kit
 A nice video about the elements to have in you bushcraft kit. These are the kind of people who go out with just the bare essentials, no extras, no luxuries. I have even heard of some bush craft people who...

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MSPP #92: The Leaders Of Scouting, Hanson.
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When you have built it... did they come?
As promised in the last post, we are going to wrap up this topic with a few FAQs that I have received relating to recruiting and building the program.  It...

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Generosity part 2
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Commercial Meal Review: Basil Walnut Penne
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The UPS Foundation delivers $100,000 grant to the BSA
The UPS Foundation announced today that it will give a $100,000 grant to the Boy Scouts of America in recognition of the organization's 100th Anniversary. The grant will go to...

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Name That Council winner: Aug. 27, 2010
Friday's Name That Council patch depicted a stark landscape, which meant clues were in short supply. But 35 stellar sleuths sniffed out the correct answer anyway and identified the...

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A new Communication training area
A new area for training opens today on Scout.org, for all the communication responsibles of the Scout Movement. The organization of the second series of regional communication Fora allowed to...

TROOPS FLY HIGH: Local Boy Scouts attempt to recruit more members - Monroe News Star
TROOPS FLY HIGH: Local Boy Scouts attempt to recruit more membersMonroe News StarThe Boy Scouts of America's regional Louisiana Purchase Council and the dealership hosted the ...Gainesville man given prestigious...

TROOPS FLY HIGH: Local Boy Scouts attempt to recruit more members - Monroe News Star
TROOPS FLY HIGH: Local Boy Scouts attempt to recruit more membersMonroe News StarThe Boy Scouts of America's regional Louisiana Purchase Council and the dealership hosted the ...Gainesville man given prestigious...

Scout works towards centennial honor and eco excellence - Pasadena Citizen
Jewish ExponentScout works towards centennial honor and eco excellencePasadena CitizenA Centennial Eagle ranking recognizes not only Brown's dedication to scouting values, but also celebrates the 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts...

Scout works towards centennial honor and eco excellence - Pasadena Citizen
Jewish ExponentScout works towards centennial honor and eco excellencePasadena CitizenA Centennial Eagle ranking recognizes not only Brown's dedication to scouting values, but also celebrates the 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts...

Scouts break camp for new site - Indianapolis Star
Scouts break camp for new siteIndianapolis StarAfter more than six decades in one Zionsville church, a troop of Boy Scouts will have a new home nearby. For at least 67...


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They Saved the Baby from the River!
John Fitzgerald, 9, Christian Nanson, 11, and other members of Pack 100 and Troop 100 were swimming in Nebraska’s Platte River when Christian spotted a baby floating facedown in the...

He saved the boy from the riptide!
As Todd Staszak, 15, was bodyboarding at Hatteras, N.C., he heard cries for help. A man was trying to save his son and his son’s friend as a powerful riptide...


Thoughts to Ponder

Two Hundred Years Of Freedom

Can anybody tell me what holiday falls on September 17. It's Citizenship Day or Constitution Day. Probably you've been talking about the reason for that holiday in school. If you don't already know it, on September 17, 200 years ago, the founders of this country agreed upon the US Constitution.

It is by far the oldest written constitution of any country in the world, and it is the main reason that we enjoy freedom today. The Constitution established our form of government, and perhaps more important, it guarantees the rights of citizenship that we all enjoy.
Most of us take those rights for granted. We can't imagine living in a country where people cannot speak freely, worship God as they wish, or join associations that criticize the government and blast the President. But there are billions of people in the world without any of those rights.

Remember that as you grow older and begin to vote, pay taxes, and perhaps become a leader in government or civic affairs. The Constitution is the foundation stone of this country, which is why the President and many other officials take an oath "to protect and defend the Constitution. " Each of us should take the same oath because it is the basis of our liberty.



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