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I Can Carry A Tune... In A Paper Bag

Author:  S.C.C.C.

Write the words to a well-known song title on 3 x 5 cards—one card per word. Make two sets
and place them in a large bowl/box. Create two teams, each composed of the same number of
players as there are words in the song title. (For example, teams for “Twinkle, Twinkle Little
Star” would have 4 players each.) Give the first player on each team a paper bag. Players take
turns racing to the bowl or box, each taking one of the words of the title, placing it in the bag,
then returning to his/her team and passing the bag to the next player. The first team to have all
the title words (and ONLY the title words) in their bag wins. (Obviously, you could complicate
the game by adding cards with non-title words, or combining “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” cards
with “Twinkle…” cards.)     

References / Source:
Pow Wow 2001
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