The Sound
By: S.C.C.C. Posted On: 2019-11-30

Props: Noisemakers such as drum, bell, whistle, kazoo, guitar, etc., carried by each Cub Scout; a
triangle or dinner bell.

(C.S.#1 comes on stage.)
C.S.#1: I’ve just got to find THE SOUND. I’ve got to!

(C.S.#2 comes on stage, carrying his noisemaker)
C.S.#1: Have you got THE SOUND?

C.S.#2: Sure. (he demonstrates sound)

C.S.#1: No, that’s not the right sound. That’s not it at all.

(Each Cub Scout comes on stage and is asked by C.S.#1 about his sound. Each demonstrates.
C.S.#1 rejects all sounds. suddenly, there is the sound of a triangle or dinner bell being rung
offstage, or a boy wearing a cook’s hat enters ringing the triangle.)

C.S.#1: (excitedly) That’s it! That’s THE SOUND!

Others: What is it? What is THE SOUND?

C.S.#1: Why, it’s the sound that’s calling me to dinner. What better sound than that?

References / Source:
Pow Wow 2001


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