New Family Induction - Campfire
By: S.C.C.C. Posted On: 2019-11-30

Props: Appropriate Cub Scout book, a stick of wood for everyone, campfire (maybe a prop).

Asst. CM: We have some boys and their parents requesting to join our pack.

Cubmaster: Bring them to our pack fire. (Boys and parents come to the campfire.) Please join
me in the Cub Scout sign. (Do the sign) Please give the Cub Scout Motto. DO YOUR BEST. I
know you will all DO YOUR BEST in Cub Scouting. To help you get started on the road to the
Bobcat Trail, we will give you your Wolf book (or Bear or Webelos, depending on the age of the
boy). (Give the book to parents who in turn present it to their sons)

Before you is the fire of friendship which means that every Cub Scout and parent in the pack is a
friend to all. I will now ask you to place a stick of wood upon the fire as a promise to DO YOUR
BEST and be a friend to all. Then I will ask everyone here to place a stick upon the fire showing
their continuing friendship to all. Now you shall place your token on the fire. (New families and
continuing families place twigs on fire) Welcome to Pack _____.
(Sing “Cub Scout Friendship” song, listed in this month’s “Songs” section.)

References / Source:
Pow Wow 2001


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