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Keep America Beautifull

Author:  S.C.C.C

Scene: Flower and grass wave gently in the breeze. Trash can is sleeping. Litterbug is laughing
and throwing pop cans and bottles on flowers, and candy wrappers and newspaper on

Flower:                       Oh, what hit me? My petals are crushed.
Grass:                        You should complain. They buried me.
Pop can:                    You think I like being thrown around? I could be recycled for money!
Bottle:                         Does anyone realize my potential? I could be a flower vase!
Litter Bug:                  (Laughs) I love a dirty world. Ugly is so fun!
Newspaper:              I should be nicely bundled.
Candy Wrapper:      Just look at me. I was meant to be sweet and bring happiness.
Cub Scout:                (Sees trash can sleeping) Wake up trash can, LITTERBUG WAS HERE!
Trash can:                 Help, help! You would think I was on a diet. No one will ever feed me! All I
                                    ever do is wait and wait and wait and...
Cub Scout:                Litterbug is one bug RAID won’t kill. It takes everyone’s help to get rid of
                                    this pest. (Picks up trash and puts in trash can--moves behind the trash can)
Litter Bug:                  Foiled by a Cub Scout again! (Runs off)
Flower & Grass:       Thank you! We thought we’d never get help!
Cub Scout:                It takes everyone’s help to have and keep a beautiful world.

Costume suggestions:
Pop can, Bottle, Newspaper--Attach items (for bottle use plastic) on clothing.
Flower--Green shirt, paper petals attached to yellow cap.
Grass--Green shirt and pants

References / Source:
Pow wow 2001
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