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Be carefull Closing

Author:  S.C.C.C

Props: Apple; Pocketknife

Earth Day comes in April and it reminds us to be careful with our home planet. There is also an
old song about “April showers bring May flowers.” Together, these remind me of how precious
and valuable water is, and how important it is to use it wisely.

Imagine that this apple is the whole world. Three quarters of the world is covered with water,
and only one quarter is covered by land. (Cuts one-fourth section off of apple and places it down
on the table)

Out of the three quarters covered in water, only about three percent is fresh water and the rest is
salt water, mostly in the oceans. (Cuts off thin sliver from apple, and places larger piece down
on the table. Holds the thin sliver up for all to see)

Of this 3% slice, about two thirds of that is generally not available. Most of that is frozen in the
North Pole and South Pole, and other hard to reach places. (Cuts off two-thirds of the thin sliver
and puts larger piece down)

Only this thin sliver is left. All the fresh water that is available to life on the surface of the land.
This is all the fresh water we have. What would happen to us if we ruin this thin sliver by
pollution? (Eats thin sliver in one bite)

We would be gone just like that. Be careful with the world. We need to save it for all these
young people here tonight.

References / Source:
Pow wow 2001
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