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Discover America Skit

Author:  GSLC
body len: 2169

INDIAN (in appropriate costume)

PROPS: Table, Map, and Telescope. Cast are dressed in sailor costumes.
Boats, if desired

NARRATOR: Scene 1. Christopher Columbus and his sailors are standing by their ship talking.
LOUWEEGEE: Hey Christopher, I hear you are going on a trip.
CHRISTO: How many times do I have to tell you Louweegee, I did not trip!
LOUWEEGEE: No, no. I mean in the boat.
CHRISTO: Yea. We’re going to saaa-ail away.
ANTONIO: We’re going to take three boats.
GENO: We’re taking the Nina, the Pinta and the Watch-a-ma-call-it.
CHRISTO: I wish you would stop calling the Santa Maria the Watch-a-ma-call-it. She’s my
fastest boat!

NARRATOR: Scene 2. Christopher Columbus and his crew are aboard their ships and are now on their

GENO: How long is it going to take, this cruise, navigator?
NAVIGATOR: It’s going to take one, two, three…maybe more.
MARIO: Only one, two or three days?
ANTONIO: Mario, he means months.
(All the crew stand around looking at the map.)
LOUWEEGEE: Where did you say we were going?
CHRISTO: We’re trying to find a short cut to India…there we can get rich fast!
NAVIGATOR: (Pointing to map and tracing line across it.) See, we can go this way.
ANTONIO: How do you get east when you are going west?
LOUIE the LOOKOUT: You wanna fall off the world?

Scene 3. It is now several months later with the discouraged crew still aboard ship.
Shading his eyes with his hand, one sailor suddenly shouts excitedly.
ANTONIO: There’s some ground.
NAVIGATOR: That’s “Land-Ho,” you’re supposed to yell.
LOUIE the LOOKOUT: Where! Where! I don’t see anything/
GENO: Louie, why don’t you turn that glass the right way?
(All shade their eyes and watch the same direction. One of the crew points at something and
MARIO: Look! There’s one peoples!
(Indian walks slowly out from side stage. Approaches ship. He raises hand in salute, palm out and says:)
INDIAN: How! Me America.
(All the sailors jump up and down, throw their caps in the air and shout.)
ALL SAILORS: Hooray! Hooray! We discovered America!

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2006
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