Discover America Skit
By: GSLC Posted On: 2019-12-14

INDIAN (in appropriate costume)

PROPS: Table, Map, and Telescope. Cast are dressed in sailor costumes.
Boats, if desired

NARRATOR: Scene 1. Christopher Columbus and his sailors are standing by their ship talking.
LOUWEEGEE: Hey Christopher, I hear you are going on a trip.
CHRISTO: How many times do I have to tell you Louweegee, I did not trip!
LOUWEEGEE: No, no. I mean in the boat.
CHRISTO: Yea. We’re going to saaa-ail away.
ANTONIO: We’re going to take three boats.
GENO: We’re taking the Nina, the Pinta and the Watch-a-ma-call-it.
CHRISTO: I wish you would stop calling the Santa Maria the Watch-a-ma-call-it. She’s my
fastest boat!

NARRATOR: Scene 2. Christopher Columbus and his crew are aboard their ships and are now on their

GENO: How long is it going to take, this cruise, navigator?
NAVIGATOR: It’s going to take one, two, three…maybe more.
MARIO: Only one, two or three days?
ANTONIO: Mario, he means months.
(All the crew stand around looking at the map.)
LOUWEEGEE: Where did you say we were going?
CHRISTO: We’re trying to find a short cut to India…there we can get rich fast!
NAVIGATOR: (Pointing to map and tracing line across it.) See, we can go this way.
ANTONIO: How do you get east when you are going west?
LOUIE the LOOKOUT: You wanna fall off the world?

NARRATOR: Scene 3. It is now several months later with the discouraged crew still aboard ship.
Shading his eyes with his hand, one sailor suddenly shouts excitedly.
ANTONIO: There’s some ground.
NAVIGATOR: That’s “Land-Ho,” you’re supposed to yell.
LOUIE the LOOKOUT: Where! Where! I don’t see anything/
GENO: Louie, why don’t you turn that glass the right way?
(All shade their eyes and watch the same direction. One of the crew points at something and
MARIO: Look! There’s one peoples!
(Indian walks slowly out from side stage. Approaches ship. He raises hand in salute, palm out and says:)
INDIAN: How! Me America.
(All the sailors jump up and down, throw their caps in the air and shout.)
ALL SAILORS: Hooray! Hooray! We discovered America

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2006


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