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Newsletter - 2010 - April

Author:  InsaneScouter

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April 26, 2010

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InsaneScouter Information

Welcome all to another issue of the InsaneScouter Newsletter. The weather is nice and springy here in Las Vegas Nevada with highs in the low 80's, I am afraid by the next newsletter we will be reaching triple digits. Wipes drips off forehead....

Are you anxiously waiting to find out who won the Lodge cast iron skillet with a glass lid. The winner of the contest is the 1,000th subscriber to this newsletter who is Benjabc123. The most awesome part is we surpassed our goal of 1,000 subscribers and flew on to 1,154. Your are all awesome!

Benjabc123 please contact me to make arrangements to get your prize, which will be sent directly from the Lodge factory.

We have recently added a number of new websites to the InsaneScouter family. Here is a quick overview of each.

Scouter Books: is a site dedicated to sharing scouting e-books. Currently there are 389 powwow books on the site and growing.

Scouter Links: is a website directory, kind of like a fake search engine. I am hoping many people will add Scouting / Guiding related websites to help others find all those wonderful Scouting sites that are out there.

E-Scouter: is the site that talks about our free and paid website hosting service.

Scout Stanley: yeah yeah I know I spelled it wrong in the domain... I will fix this down the road … this site is a virtual Flat Stanley project based on a Scouting theme. If you don't know what flat stanley is take a look at the home page of this site.

Scouting A Nation: is a site that won't do much right now, but down the road it will relate to my adventures of living on the road . During this time I will visit Scouter's, various Scouting events and work on some other neat ideas coming up like a virtual Scouting college (basically videos of Scouter's teaching things they excel in).

KampSpace: is simply a travel site for the outdoor explorer. It will do for campers, rvers, and wilderness explorers what sites like tavelocity does for those who “fly to a city, rent a car and stay in hotel”. It does or will include listings for campgrounds, trails, attractions, geocaching, lodging, tours, stores, eateries, and more. Please feel free to create a free account (separate from InsaneScouter) and add listings to help out your fellow Scouter's.

For those of you who would like to help us promote InsaneScouter check out http://insanescouter.org/promoteus.php …. A few ideas include adding a link, banner or widget to your own Scouting website, unit site, or even encouraging your Council or District to link to us. Another option is to print out one of the pdf fliers to pass out at roundtables, trainings, camps, etc. Anything you can do to help spread the word is appreciated.

As mentioned last month there is a new control panel with many new features. From the control panel you can now access Scout Stanley, Add Scouter Links, Update your account, and even host your Scouting site with us. You can access your control panel from any of our sites. It should be noted the old control panel is no longer available and no longer supported.


Thank you for all your support and loyalty - you all have been awesome.
Also thank you to the volunteers and sponsors who make this site possible.
Without your support and dedication none of this would be possible.


New Content

Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Oreo Penguin Snack
Ingredients:Oreo cookiesChocolate KissesCandy cornDivide the Oreo into two pieces. Break or cut (with serrated knife) the half that does nothave the icing on it. Unwrap candy Kiss and push the flat part into the frosting at the topof the Oreo cookie. Take the two halves of the other part of the cookie and place onicing with curved sides facing the center. Use two pieces of candy corn to make thefeet. Eyes can be added by taking a little bit of...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
String Maze
Set up a maze with string tied around trees, over, under, and through garden furniture to deadends, switch-backs, around-in-circles, and finally to the finish line. Use lots of string.Each blindfolded player has to find his way to the finish line by feeling his way along the string.Have some string end at a knot on a tree (dead end), or have it go around a pole to the same startingpoint. This is fun to do and fun to watch. The winner...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Glazed Brownie Stars
1 box, fudge brownie mix1 can white frostingColored sugar sprinklesLine the bottom and sides of a 9” x 13” baking pan with a piece of aluminum foil. Mix thebrownies according to the directions and pour into the foil-lined pan making sure the batter issmooth on top. Bake according to directions. Cool for 45 minutes. Cover the pan of browniestightly with another piece of foil. Freeze for 30 minutes. Place a piece of waxed paper under awire cooling rack. Remove the...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Human Foosball
This can be played indoors or outdoors. For indoor play, use a rubber ball. Foroutdoor play, use a soccer ball. Form two teams and set them up as a foosballtable. Players all hold hands in their respective rows. Now the only way theycan kick the ball is by going side-to-side without letting go of the hands of theplayers in their row just like the foosball table....
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Constellation Cake
1 boxed cake mix; any flavor1 can of white frostingBlue food colorStar shaped sprinklesMix and bake cake mix according to the directions on the box making 2 - 9 inch rounds. Frosteach cake with icing tinted blue. Use the star sprinkles on the cakes to make winter constellations....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Independence Tag
Someone, who is designated as “IT” pursues the other players and tries to touch one of them.When one has been touched, he must keep his hand on the spot where he was touched and pursuethe others. His hand cannot be freed from this spot until he has tagged someone else. The idea isto tag players in inconvenient places - knee, ankle, elbow, etc....
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Homemade Ice Cream
For each serving you will need:1 resealable sandwich bag 12 ice cubes1 quart sized resealable bag 1 tsp vanilla1 cup whole milk 1 tbsp sugar2 tbsp saltPour milk, vanilla, and sugar into small bag and seal. Put icecubes, and salt into big bag, add small bag and seal. Shake bag,but don’t drop it. In about 10 minutes you should notice crystalsforming. When it reaches soft serve consistency, scoop into bowland serve immediately....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Sponge Relay Race
Balance a wet sponge on your head and run to and back from a goal. If you dropthe sponge you must return to the front of your line and start over again. Theteam to have all players do this first wins.          ...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout
Pennies Opening Ceremony
Make cardboard pennies (18- 20” in diameter). Spray with copper colored paint, trace Lincolnsilhouette on black paper and glue onto pennies. Tape verse on back of each penny.Narrator: Pennies in my pocket remind me of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe they can helpme remember some things about him.Penny #1: Lincoln was a poor boy, but in the American way.He rose to be our President, the greatest, some folks say.Penny #2: He taught himself the ABCs and how to read and write,and borrowed...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Water Relay Race
You will need: A bucket of water, a tablespoon, and a plastic drinking cup for each team. Dividethe players into teams. Players form parallel lines. The lead player of each line has a bucket ofwater next to him and a tablespoon in his hand. At some distance from each line is a drinking cupsitting on the ground. Lead player gets a spoonful of water and quickly takes the water to the cupand dumps it in. He then runs back to...
Home > Resources > Crafts
PVC Bow and Arrow
WHAT YOU WILL NEED:½ inch PVC PipeHack SawMeasuring TapePermanent Sharpie PenColored Electrical TapeUtility KnifeScissorsNylon String2 Small Beads (They need to fit inside the PVC pipe)Pipe InsulationSwimming Noodle (Octagon Shape)¼ - 3/8 inch diameter dowelContact Cement or Foam GlueBOW AND ARROW INSTRUCTIONS:Step 1: Using PVC pipe cutters, cut a 40 inch length of ½ inch PVC pipe.Step 2: Draw a straight line ¾ inch long on both ends of the pipe. Lines need to run parallelwith the pipe and straight across...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
La Bamba
Para bailar La BambaPara bailar La BambaSe necesita una poca de garciaUna poca de garcia, y otra cositaY arriba, y arriba, y arriba irePor ti sere, por ti sereBambaBambaBambaBambaBambaBamba....
Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
One Step at a Time
Characters: Senior Scout (like a Den chief, Denner, etc.) Junior “Cub” Scouts.Setting: All Scouts are on stage as the skit starts.Cub 1: When I grow up I’m going to be the world’s greatest broad jumper and jump like this…(Jumps about one 1 foot and falls down.)Senior Scout: Well, you’ll have to remember to take it one step at a time, one step at a time.Cub 2: Well, I am going to be a high jumper and win a gold medal...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Kumala - Vista
fy fie fy fiefy fie fo fie. fy fie fo fiecumala cumala cumala vistaoh no no no no na ta vistaimini simini ouaoua niimini souamini ouaoua nibig bables ou and bables ou tamingka...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Kum Ba Yah With The Scout Law
A scout isTrustworthy,Lord Kum ba yah, A scout is Loyal, Lord Kum ba yah. A scout is Helpful, Lord Kum ba yah Oh, Lord, Kum ba yah A scout is Friendly, Lord Kum ba yah, A scout is Courteous, Lord Kum ba yah. A scout is Kind, LordKum ba yahOh, Lord, Kum ba yah A scout is Obedient, Lord Kum ba yah, A scout is Cheerful, Lord Kum ba yah. A scout is Thrufty, Lord Kum ba yah Oh, Lord,...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Law in jewels
The treasures of life are not set in Silver or Gold.....More precious than jewels are the values we proudly hold...I will do my best to be honest and fair - As the blue sapphire....Friendly and helpful - Amethyst or friendship jewel....(purple)Considerate and Caring - Lovely as an opal....Courageous and strong - As the red ruby....Responsible for what I say and do - Speak with pearls of wisdom....Respect myself and others - A reflection of pure...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,Merry merry king of the bush is he,Laugh, Kookaburra, Laugh, Kookaburra,Gay your life must be.Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,Eating all the gum-drops he can see,Stop, Kookaburra, Stop, Kookaburra,Leave some there for me.Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,Kissing all the monkeys he can see,Stop, Kookaburra, Stop, Kookaburra,That's no monkey, That's ME!!(can be sung in round)...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
The Flag Speaks
PERSONNEL: Talking American Flag and One Girl ScoutEQUIPMENT: American flag and if possible, two microphones connected to a PA System.ARRANGEMENT: Place American flag on stage with microphone nearby. A Girl Scout acting as voice of flag is located off stage with a second microphone.(Girl Scout strolls on stage, passes by flag; as the Flag speaks, Girl Scout slowly turns to look at Flag)FLAG: Hello, Girl Scout.GIRL: (Acts surprised and looks around) Who said that?FLAG: I,...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Alternative
Yellow Howler
8 lemon-lime Gatorade ice cubes¼ -1/2 c lemon-lime Gatorade or waterDrop the Gatorade cubes into a blender or food processor. Pour in the Gatorade or water; blenduntil slushy, adding more liquid if necessary. Serves 1...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Candles of Friendship
Formation: Horseshoe around a table.Equipment: Thirteen candles, logs or wood candleholders.Ceremony: As each girl speaks, she lights a candle.Speaking Parts: Girl Scout 1: "We light the candles of Friendship." Girl Scout 2: "These are the symbols of our pledge as Girl Scouts." Girl Scout 3: "Our flames are small and burn steady and bright." Girl Scout 4: "We light them with thoughts of friendship glowing and steadily burning in ourhearts." Girl Scout 5: "We watch the glowing flames with hopeful...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Popcorn Sport Balls
¼ c chunky peanut butter                1 (10 oz) package large marshmallows1 (12 oz) bag chocolate chips        7 c popped popcornBlack string licorice                          2 tbsp soft butterWarm peanut butter on low in microwave for 1 minute. In another bowl, melt marshmallows andchocolate chips in microwave on low for 1 minute. Stir chocolate and soft peanut butter together.Pour over popcorn; stir to coat. Rub hands with butter; shape into a sport ball and decorate withlicorice....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Spirit of Friendship
Supplies:         five candlesNARRATOR: A friend is the jewel that shines brightest in the darkness. SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP: (lights candle)Give me my eyes the will to see,My friend for what she is to me.It's not her creed or shade of skinThat makes her heart to mine akin. NARRATOR: We are all strangers to each other until one of us puts out her hand and makes a friend. SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP:If, for others, we must care,Our hearts should be open and...
Home > Newsletter
Newsletter March 2010
TheMarch 30, 2010 Please share this newsletter with your Scouting friends. They may sign-up here.   InsaneScouter Information ...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Football Pudding
1 package instant pudding mix                milk called for in directions on package2 re-sealable bagsPour both milk and pudding mix into a plastic bag. Squeeze all the air out and seal. Place firstbag in second bag and squeeze all the air out, seal. Stand in a circle and toss the “football”around for about five minuets. When pudding is done snip the corner of the bags and squeezeinto cups for serving....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Remember Me?
Some people call me Old Glory, others call me the Star Spangled Banner, but whatever they call me, I am your Flag, the Flag of the United States of America... Something has been bothering me, so I thought I might talk it over with you... because it is about you and me. I remember some time ago people lined up on both sides of the street to watch the parade and naturally I was leading...
Home > About Us > Staff Bio
Steve O'Connor
Name: Steve O’Connor (aka PTSteve or ptsteve) as in Pack Trainer SteveDate: 2010What are your personal hobbies? Scouting, Cub Scouting, more Scouting. Hobbies involve the family, coaching my sons teams, being their Den Leader, being a Leader in the Pack as the Pack Trainer, representing our Pack at Roundtables, being a blogger for InsaneScouter. It is also fun to work with Scott and help improve Insane Scouter. I also have to remember to keep FUN in all...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Lunch
Mini Football Subs
Meat balls                     spaghetti sauceShredded cheese      individual-size rollsCombine meatballs and spaghetti sauce in a skillet and warm them through. For each sub, cut aV-shaped notch from the top of an individual-size roll, place meatball in the roll, and top withcheese shred laces. Finally, get the sandwiches in a huddle on a cookie sheet and place them in awarm oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
When Juliette Gordon Low established Girl Scouting in 1912, the tradition of candlelight ceremonies was an important part of the various activities. Through the early years, she passed the light and spirit of Girl Scouting on to others through investitures and campfires. They, in turn, continued to pass the light and the spirit. Over the years, the light and spirit of Girl Scouting has taken many different paths. The following is a brief history of...
Home > Resources > Cub Scouts > Pinewood Derby
The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and Gilbert
This is a very cute and inspiring article. I thought I would share it our readers. The article came from: Inspire21.com yet the author is unknown… at least she know who she is.The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and Gilbert– Author UnknownMy son Gilbert was eight years old and had been a Cub Scout only a short time. During one of his meetings he was handed a sheet of paper, a block of wood and four tires and told to return...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Our Girl Scout World
Supplies:     5 blue candles                       1 large green candle                        3 white candles #1 GS:          I light this candle for the flame of sisterhood that burns in the heart of every Girl Scout. (Light large green candle)#2 G S:         These three candles represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise. #3 GS:          On my honor I will try to serve God and my country. (Light white candle) #4 GS:          To help people at all times. (Light...
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Hmmm... Electrical Outlets
As a small lad, maybe like 3-6 years of age I had this bad tendency to put bobby pins and screw drivers in outlets. I really don't know why I did it. Maybe I just liked the jolt of electric,...

Fuzzy and Scout April 2010
Hi all, Your favourite beary cubs here ;) (or at least we hope so) We had a very nice Easter at the start of this month and had lots and lots of chocolate and salmon.Scout seems to be very happy now, as...

Open Road Pet Peeves
I have driven a fair amount of milage on the open road and have a few pet peeves. The biggest pet peeve I have occurs when its a two lane each way road in middle of no where. To often...

Hmmm.... Stuffed Up At Philmont
When I was a Scout on of the trips we were lucky enough to do was Philmont. I have many stories from my 10 days on the trail at this wonderful camp. This story is about one of the Scouts...

Backcountry Trash / Vandalism
I have been on a number of day trips in the last two months and one thing I saw, as you see in the photos I have included with this post, as how people trash and vandalize these wonderful places....

Help InsaneScouter
As you may know InsaneScouter is a large site containing over 5,000 unique pages of content, using around 20 gigs of drive space and made up of a few million lines of code. This site has grown to large for...

Hmmm... Philmont Squirrels
When I was at Philmont as a Scout, one day were sitting in our camp chillin. We notice in the camp across from us the Scouts left their food on the tables and laying around the camp. They did not...

Our Websites
I am proud to announce that there are a bunch of new websites part of the InsaneScouter family. This post is going to give you a quick overview of what each site is. Also for your convenience I have added...

Eldorado Canyon Trip
A while back a friend and I went to a canyon about an hour out of town near the Colorado river below the hover dam. Eldorado canyon was the location of a big mine, now it is a good place...

Lesson: First Class Board of Review
When I was still a young Scout I went before the board for my First Class Rank. The board was made up of 3 adults and was set off in a side room of the building we were meeting in....

Fuzzy and Scout March 2010
Hi All, Fuzzy and Scout here. As we write this it is almost Easter and that means it is time for the Easter bunny to come by and hide loads of chocolate and salmon.But it also means that spring has finally...

1,000th Subscriber Contest and Lodge Mfg
We are almost at a milestone here at InsaneScouter, having over 1,000 subscribers to our newsletter. As a thank you to our subscribers, you will find a special gift in our April 2010 newsletter.Our friends at Lodge Mfg have graciously...

Lesson: Hammock and Chips
A few years ago I was helping staff a event between two Troops. I had some time to relax so I laid down in my hammock for a while. My stomach grumbled so one of the older Scouts who was...

Mobile Office
A few years ago when I was still handling the administrative tasks for the Troop I was working with I created what I call “The Mobile Office”. The pictures below who the tool box which I converted into a what...

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Leave No Trace Frontcountry Guidelines
Leave No Trace is an outdoor ethics program which encourages responsible use of outdoor resources. The frontcountry guidelines are the guidelines for day-use areas like parks and trails....

Trail Cooking & The Outdoors
A Stroll Along The Carbon River
Kirk and I took Walker for his first trip to Mt. Rainier NP on Sunday (with big brother Ford as well!) This is the entrance to the Carbon River side, the...

The Trainers Corner
Feeling Burned Out? Listen To Your High School Chemistry Teacher
Hello fellow Scouters, I was recently talking with a great Scout leader, and we were discussing something we all deal with: how to keep ourselves from taking too much on as an...

Commissioner Keith Comments
When Scout Leaders Lose Their Compass
This post is about how some scout leaders lose their compass or sense of scouting direction and hopefully this article will help re-focus what is suppose to be the ultimate...

100 Days of Scouting
100 Days of Scouting: Day 78
Today I: Pulled down a few fresh images for Scouting posts! Updated files for pack's summer camp. Updated files for troop's summer camp. Updated file for troop's C&O Canal work day. Broadcasted a reminder that...

John Scout
More Intuitve Lead/Offer Handling
Hello All, As many have noticed, last week we issued a release. The largest and most noticeable of the changes is the change to the blogger leads and opportunities pages. Previously the...

BSA Cracker Barrel
2010 National Scout Jamboree visitor information released
If you're planning to visit the 2010 National Scout Jamboree this summer, listen up. The BSA has just released details for visitors that will help make their jamboree experience...

BSA Cracker Barrel
Adventure Base 100, Vol. 15: Atlanta, Georgia
Talk about well-rounded! Atlanta's Isiah Jenkins already is a standout athlete in track, baseball, football, and basketball. And even with all of that on his plate, he still makes...


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Girl Scouts collect items for people in need - SuburbanJournals
Girl Scouts collect items for people in needSuburbanJournalsGirl Scouts of Eastern Missouri collected more than 1.1 million personal care items for local residents in need during the 13th annual April...

BOY SCOUTS: Group can't seem to win either way - TheNewsTribune.com
Sydney Morning HeraldBOY SCOUTS: Group can't seem to win either wayTheNewsTribune.comI am referring to the recent outcome of a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for a sexual abuse...

BOY SCOUTS: Group can't seem to win either way - TheNewsTribune.com
Sydney Morning HeraldBOY SCOUTS: Group can't seem to win either wayTheNewsTribune.comI am referring to the recent outcome of a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for a sexual abuse...

Metro area chefs take on Girl Scout challenge - The Detroit News
Metro area chefs take on Girl Scout challengeThe Detroit NewsThe 2010 Girl Scout cookie sales may have officially ended in March, but the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan are still...

The med scout - MU The Parthenon
The med scoutMU The Parthenon“I started Boy Scouts when my sons were about the right age and wanted to join,” Dzierzak said. “I decided to go with them and have...

The med scout - MU The Parthenon
The med scoutMU The Parthenon“I started Boy Scouts when my sons were about the right age and wanted to join,” Dzierzak said. “I decided to go with them and have...


Scouts In Action

They Saved the Baby from the River!
John Fitzgerald, 9, Christian Nanson, 11, and other members of Pack 100 and Troop 100 were swimming in Nebraska’s Platte River when Christian spotted a baby floating facedown in the...

He saved the boy from the riptide!
As Todd Staszak, 15, was bodyboarding at Hatteras, N.C., he heard cries for help. A man was trying to save his son and his son’s friend as a powerful riptide...


Thoughts to Ponder

Your Cook Kit

Scouts, have you ever heard of people who claim to be able to read your character by the lines in your hand, the shape of your head, or your handwriting. Well, I know a better way. (Hold up a cooking kit. ) All you have to do is look at a Scout's cooking kit.

First you ask, "Is it clean?" Then you ask, "Who cleans it?" Every self-respecting Scout cleans his own kit. He doesn't expect his mother to do it for him.

The next thing to ask is, "Has it been used a lot?" We all know that some mess kits don't get used very often. They're owned by Scouts that some people call "sandwich -wrapped-in-a-pink-napkin" outdoorsmen. I see some of you smiling. Of course, I'm not referring to anyone here.

then there is the Scout who really uses his cook kit - keeps it clean, too. He can cook with a stick, and he can cook with aluminum foil. In fact he can cook just about any way he wants to and have fun doing it. He's our kind of Scout. You can tell by looking at his cook kit.


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