Hula La
By: GSLC Posted On: 2019-12-14

Materials needed for each team:
Hula Skirts, Beachcomber Hats, Flower
Bracelets and/or Flower Headbands, Leis,
Assorted Beach Wear Items

Divide players
into equal teams.
Choose a player
from each team
to be the “Hula
La.” Have each
team form a line
with the “Hula
La” at the end. Place one of each of the
items in a pile at the beginning of each line.
To begin, the first person in line puts on all
the items in the pile. The second person in
line can help only by handing items to the
person getting dressed. After all items are
on the first person’s body, he undresses and
replaces the items in a pile, with the help of
the next person in line, and then he goes to
the end of the line. Play continues until all
members of the team have dressed and
undressed and the “Hula La” is wearing all
the items and making sure that everyone

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GSLC Pow Wow 2006