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Octopus Tag

Author:  GSLC

Choose one person to be the octopus. The
octopus is “it.” If you are playing indoors, you
will need to clear a space between two walls. If
you are playing outdoors, lay two ropes on the
ground about thirty feet across from each other.
The person who is the octopus stands in the
middle of the “field.” All other players line up
on one side of the rope or against a wall. The
octopus looks at them and says, “Fishy, fishy,
in the sea, won’t you come and swim with
me?” Then all the players who are fish have to
run across the field and get safely to the other
wall or on the other side of the rope without
being tagged by the octopus. If the octopus
tags someone, that person becomes “seaweed”
and can tag other players. However, a person
tagged by the octopus always has to keep his
right foot on the ground in the exact place
where he was tagged. The octopus can move
about freely. The last person to be tagged gets
to be the octopus in the next game.

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008
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