Pearls Wishing Ceremony
Posted On: 2019-12-28


A meaningful ceremony to honor or recognize a person or event; to think about victims of a tragedy ordisaster; or to send special thoughts to someone goingthrough a difficult time.

Materials needed: 3 candles, a pearl-like bead foreach participant, a container to represent a "wishingwell"

The group stands in a horseshoe.  The wishing well and candles are placed on a table and located at the head of the horseshoe. The center candle is lit.

"We gather here today to honor/think about____________ and to send special wishes his/her/their way. The light of the candle represents our love and the light of the flame chases away the darkness."

"Each of us will now receive a pearl. Pearls are known to symbolize a pure heart and mind; innocence, faith. The pearl is known as a "stone of sincerity", bringing truth and loyalty to a cause."

When everyone has a pearl:  "Now as we hold our pearls in our hands, let us have a moment of silence to keep________ in our thoughts and prayers."

"We will now make our own special wishes for _________and place our pearls in the wishing well."

Each participant steps forward, one at a time, placing her pearl into the well.  When everyone has done this, the outer 2 candles are lit.

"We will now light the candles of faith and hope.  We send our special wishes on the tails of the flames to be carried away with our love."

Sing a special song to end the ceremony.