Daisy Girl Scout Investiture I
Posted On: 2011-11-06

Who: For Daisy Girl Scouts, their leaders, and parents/guardians (if desired).

What: Ceremony to welcome girls into the Girl Scout family.

Where: At your meeting place, school, church, or a community room.

When: After you have paid your membership fee and met for about a month and have had an

opportunity to discuss the Girl Scout Promise and Law in a way that means something to Daisy

Girl Scouts.

Why: Make the girls feel a part of Girl Scouts. Each girl should receive a Beginning Certificate and a

Daisy Girl Scout membership pin. Help parents/guardians understand more about the Girl Scout

principles and beliefs.

How: Send Invitations to the Guests: This might be just the girls and a parent/guardian or the girls

and their families. The adults can help design the invitation and have the girls make them or send

the invitations themselves. Be sure to list date, time, place and details (such as refreshments

served), and wear your uniform.

Opening: Form a circle and call each girl's name and explain why you are having the ceremony.

Celebration: Flag ceremony or Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Sing a patriotic song

Investiture Ceremony: Invite guests to be seated, and girls to stand in a semi-circle facing

them, with parent/guardians standing behind the girls. You (the host) may conduct the

ceremony, or you may invite your Daisy Coordinator, a local service team volunteer, or a

Cadette or Senior Girl Scout to do it for you.

Daisy Girl Scout Investiture -- continued

Say "Today is a very special day for us. It is the day that we receive our membership pins and

formally become Girl Scouts. To do this, we each make a Promise--the same Promise that Girl

Scouts all over the country make to themselves and others."

Ask girls and parent/guardians to say the Girl Scout Promise together with you.

Invite each Daisy Girl Scout to come forward with her parent/guardian. Give her a Daisy Girl

Scout pin, and, if you like, pin it on her. (Optional: Use the Girl Scout handshake.) Pins are

worn on the left side of the uniform or shirt, over the heart. (Optional if the adult is a registered

Girl Scout member: Give the Daisy Girl Scout an adult Girl Scout pin and ask her to present it to

her parent/guardian.) Finally, present the Daisy Girl Scout with her "Beginning Certificate."

Both may return to the semi-circle while the next pair comes forward.

When all girls and parents/guardians have received their pins, say, "Welcome to the world of

Girl Scouting. Wear your pins with pride, and always remember the Promise you have made."

Sing together, "Whene'er You Make A Promise," page 6 Girl Scout Pocket Songbook.

Treat: (Optional) Invite guests to join you for refreshments. The Daisy Girl Scout who brought

the snack may choose a buddy to help serve it. Or each girl may serve her parent/guardian and


Closing: Form a circle and sing "Make New Friends" (Girl Scout Pocket Songbook, page 10).

You might want to learn a second verse:

Verse: "A circle's round

It has no end

That's how long

I want to be your friend."

Do a friendship squeeze around the circle (Junior Girl Scout Handbook, page 14)

The friendship circle stands for an unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts and

Girl Guides all around the world. Girl Scouts and leaders stand in a circle. Each person

crosses her right arm over her left arm and clasps hands with her friends on both sides.

Everyone makes a silent wish as a friendship squeeze is passed from hand to hand.


Clean-up: Offer specific jobs to specific girls: wipe the table, sweep the floor, collect extra

papers, put away pens, etc. Comment on the results--"The floor looks better now."

When everything is tidied up and put away, give each girl a Girl Scout sticker (included in the

individual girl kits). She can put it on the nameplate of her scrapbook or do whatever she likes

with it.




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