Plants Know-How
By: GSLC Posted On: 2020-04-08

Help the Cub Scouts learn
the names of trees and
bushes in the area and
what their leaves look like.
Collect various samples of
leaves, flowers, or seeds
from trees or bushes, or
use paper cutouts. This can
be a matching game that is
written down; the boy who
gets the most correct answers is the winner. It
can also be done in teams. The leader holds up
a name of a plant, or a sample of a leaf. Each
team responds with an appropriate answer
(name of tree, or chooses a leaf depending on
which version is being played). If the boys are
to answer with the name of the tree make sure
you post the choices available. You can also
put the answers on index cards and have another
adult check the answer to keep it secret. If
the team correctly identifies the plant then their
team earns two points. If the answer incorrectly
the team loses one point. The first team to 20
points is the winner. It would also be useful
to include plants that should be avoided, like
poison oak or poison ivy.

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GSLC Pow Wow 2007