It's A Beautiful Tree
Posted On: 2020-11-05


PREPARATION: Each boy is asked in advance to bring an ornament for the pack Christmas tree. Later these ornaments will be donated to a needy family. Ornaments are placed on the tree as the boys arrive.

Cubmaster asks everyone to be seated.

Suddenly an angel appears and says: "It's a beautiful tree, but something is missing. What could it be?"

SOMEONE SAYS: "It's the star!" The angel agrees and explaining that he brought a star from heaven to place at the top of the tree. As he puts the star in place, he explains: "The star was a signal for the Wise Men to start on their journey many years ago.. and it guided them along the way. Let this star signal the start of our pack meeting tonight, and guide us in the Spirit of Scouting and of goodwill. (Angel disappears)

Cubmaster then leads the Pledge of Allegiance.




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