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Dragon Craft

Author:  GSLC

What you will need:
• Tempera paints, or markers in colors desired
• Paintbrushes
• Wide Crepe paper (at least 3 1/2” x 4”)
• Narrow Crepe paper n bright colors
• Scissors
• Construction paper
• Glue
• 7” paper plate
• Heavy paper (1”x7”)
• Stapler

How to Make It:
1. It is best to make a dragon before, so the boys can see how everything
fits together.
2. To make the body of the dragon, cut a strip of wide crepe paper 3
1/3-4” wide and between 4 and 6 feet long.
3. Have the child dab an assortment of spots and lines on the crepe
paper with a paintbrush or marker. Let dry. If desired, hang the crepe
paper on a clothesline or some place so it can dry.
4. Take the paper plate and trim off the two sides as shown.
5. Fold the plate in half, have the children decorate one half with eyes
and nostrils as shown below. They can also put a red mouth on the
inside of the plate.
6. Take 5 pieces of narrow (about 2” wide) crepe paper that are a foot
long each. Fold them half and in half again, then unfold and have the
children cut up along the folds, making each streamer have 4 long
strips. Do not cut the last inch, and then you can attach them easily as
one piece. Four will make a mane on the back of the head, one will
be a beard.
7. Staple the handle across the bottom of the folded plate (made from
a 1x7” piece of sturdy paper).
8. Glue the 4 crepe paper strips you just made to the underneath back of the head. Glue the wide
body strip below them. Glue the last narrow set of strips to the dragon’s chin at the bottom front
of the plate.
9. Let the glue dry, grab the handle with one hand, hold your dragon high, and have a parade. Be
sure to make your dragon dance!

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2007
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