Indian Pack Opening
Posted On: 2020-11-05


This calls for 5 Cubs with speaking parts and one narrator.  All except the narrator should be in Indian dress.

Narrator: As we all go about our busy lives, rushing from one place to another, today let us think back about five hundred years ago before America was discovered.

(Cubs in Indian dress march in one by one.)

1st Cub: The first true Americans were the Indians.

2nd Cub: When Columbus discovered America, there were over 300 different tribes speaking many different languages.

3rd Cub: Some Native Americans were hunters and moved about often following animals.  Others were farmers and lived in one place.

4th Cub: Some lived in teepees made of skins.  Others lived in pueblos made of baked bricks, while others lived in hogans. 

5th Cub: Many names of cities and counties are Native American words.  Even Michigan is an Indian word.

Narrator: Today we honor the rich heritage passed down to us from the Indians, our first Americans.  As we all stand and recite our pledge to the flag, let us remember that they are a part of our melting pot of Americans.