Ideas Come From Ourselves
Posted On: 2020-10-30


STAGING: Narrator, eight Cub Scouts with props. Cub pantomime as their portion of the script is read.

CUB 1: (Enters with a light bulb over his head )

Any kind of project begins with an idea. It can come from a book, a magazine, a store, or a friend. And sometimes the best ideas come from ourselves.

CUB 2: (Enters with a pattern)

An idea needs a plan or pattern to make it a reality. Prior planning and following instructions reduce wasted time and confusion.

CUB 3: (Enters with tools )

Using the proper tools is essential to make the job easier. Misuse of tools makes the job impossible. Use the tools as they were designed to be used.

CUB 4: (Enters with a pocket knife and sharpening stone)

Take proper care of your tools--keep them clean. repaired and sharp. Dull or broken tools are dangerous.

CUB 5: (Enters with a piece of wood)

Proper materials are as essential as proper tools. Sometimes substituting the wrong material could ruin a project.

CUB 6: (Enters with a clock)

Don't hurry. Take your time and do the job correctly. Anything worth doing takes time and patience.

CUB 7: (Enters flexing his muscles)

Labor and effort are necessary, too. Most projects take more effort than originally planned. The more effort, the more pride in the accomplishment.

CUB 8: (Enters and points to other Cub Scouts)

All of these things are important They determine if the resulting project is good or bad. The success of the projects depends on the ideal, tools, materials, and time and effort. The results should be enjoyable.




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