Blast Off
By: GSLC Posted On: 2009-07-29

Cub Scouts sit in chairs scattered around the room. Each is given the
name of a planet - Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Earth, etc. One boy is
picked to be Mission Control. He stands and says “Countdown”... walking
around the room, he calls out the names of various planets. When
a Cub Scout hears the name of his planet, he gets up and walks behind
Mission Control. When most of the Cub Scouts are out of their seats,
Mission Control shouts “Blast Off’. At this, all Cub Scouts - those sitting
and those following Mission Control - must find new seats. The last Cub Scout to find a seat is
the new Mission Control.

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008


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