Crossing America Obstacle Course
By: GSLC Posted On: 2009-07-26

Statue of Liberty -

  • Each boy is given a small amount of foil in order to make a liberty torch.

Go West Young Man -

  • Each boy is given a pretend horse and runs a course that is marked by orange cones.

Crossing The Mississippi River –

  • Swimming pool filled with water has several rocks strategically set inside;
  • each boy crosses the pool by stepping on the rocks.

Colorado Mines –

  • Large cardboard boxes set up in a maze and each boy crawls through.

Gold Rush in California –

  • Swimming pool filled with sand and small toys hidden in the sand.
  • Each boy has to find a toy before going on to the next area.

Logging In Washington –

  • Swimming pool with a 2 x 4” board inside, symbolizing the logs.
  • Boys pretend to be loggers, as they walk on the logs.
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