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Do You Love Your Neighbour?

Author:  GSLC

The group sits in a circle with enough places
for everyone except for one. This person stays
in the middle of the group and calls on different
people asking the question “Do you love
your neighbors? The person called upon says
either: 1. “No, I do not love my neighbors”
and the two people sitting directly on both
sides of that person have to exchange places
while the person in the middle tries to get one
of their vacated seats or 2. “Yes, I love my
neighbors, but I do not like people with blue
eyes (wearing blue, wearing sandals, who have
brothers, etc.) All people who fit these specifications
have to get up and change places while
the person in the middle tries to sit in one of
the new vacant seats. The person left without a
seat now is in the middle and the game continues

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008
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