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Bombing Run, The

In this one, the Scouts are seated one behind the other in close formation. The first Scout becomes the pilot, the second becomes the wings, the next one becomes the side gunner, the next one is the fuselage, the next one is the tail, and the last one is the tail gunner. If you have more than six members, fill in the fuselage a little. The pilot guides this skit through its paces.

The plane is flying along level. Then the pilot spots a fighter coming in from the side. He calls out “Fighter, coming in at 3 o'clock. The plane turns to the right, and all the Scouts lean over to simulate the turn. (It takes a fair amount of practice to get this right. Otherwise, the plane looks like it’s made out of rubber. Good coordination makes this skit more effective!) The side gunner fires at the plane and reports that the danger is past. This scenario is repeated, taking turns between the side gunner and the tail gunner. There is a lot of chatter between the pilot and gunner, as they warn each other about the dangers. Suddenly, all motion comes to a complete stop. Dead silence for a few seconds. Then the pilot calls out to the others, “OK, who has another quarter?” Enthusiasm and involvement are what make this skit work.

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