Honoring Our Flag
Posted On: 2020-10-20

PERSONNEL: 16 Cub Scouts, American Flag bearer, Leader

EQUIPMENT: American Flag, 7 red crepe paper streamers, 6 white crepe paper streamers, blue crepe paper rectangle, white cardboard five-pointed star.

(7 Cub Scouts, each carrying a red crepe paper streamer march in single file onto the stage. In turn, each boy displays his streamer. It should reach from above his head to his feet.)

7 CUBS: (in unison) We are the seven red stripes in our flag. For hardiness and valor, we stand.

(6 Cub Scouts, each carrying a white crepe paper streamer enters and duplicates the actions of the first group. They stand alternately with the boys holding red stripes.)

6 CUBS: (in unison) We are the six white stripes in our flag. For innocence and purity, we stand.

(A Cub Scout enters, carrying the blue paper rectangle which he holds up as he stands to the right of the first boy holding the first white stripe.)

CUB SCOUT #14: Now look at me, the field of blue. For vigilance, perseverance, and justice true.

(Next Cub enters carrying the large white star. He holds it against the blue field.)

CUB SCOUT #15: I am a five-pointed star shining bright. One for each state. When united, we have might.

CUB SCOUT #16: (Flag bearer enters carrying an American flag. He stands near group which made crepe paper flag.)

LEADER: Behold the emblem of our country...the greatest flag of the greatest nation in the world. May it ever wave over free and liberty-loving people.

May it ever represent the highest ideals of America and ever support the principles of democracy in America and around the world.

Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.



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