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Hiking And The Flag

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EQUIPMENT: Camping gear and outfits for each of the participants; 1 pair of BINOCULARS; AMERICAN AND PACK FLAGS.

ARRANGEMENT: The flags are in front of the audience. The group of participants are off to one side and slowly walk through the audience to the front.

(Everyone starts walking slowly.)

CUBMASTER: It sure is nice to be here in the outdoors. All these trees, animals and fresh air.

ASSISTANT CUBMASTER: (Looking through binoculars) Hey, I think I see a big red bird up there!

(DL #1 takes the binoculars while everyone continues to walk slowly to the front.)

DEN LEADER #1: Here, let me see. Naw, it's a huge white bird of some sort.

(DL #2 takes the binoculars while everyone continues to talk slowly to the front)

DEN LEADER #2: Boy, you don't know what you are talking about. It's not red or white. It's big and blue, and ...what's this?!?! It has stars!

(Cubmaster takes the binoculars and everyone stops.)

CUBMASTER: Here, let me see what you are all talking about. (Looks through the binoculars.) Come on you guys. (Motions everyone to follow as they walk up to the front.) It's not a red bird, or even a white bird. What you were looking at is our nation's flag. (Turns to audience.) Will you please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance?


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