Halloween Comes Once A Year
Posted On: 2020-10-20


SCENE: To enhance the Halloween atmosphere, turn out the lights, and have a candlelight processional for the color guard unit.

PERSONNEL: Use more than just a few Cubs, use most of the Pack to create lots of light.

PROPS: If candles are not feasible because of carpeting or whatever, use a flashlight with an orange tissue paper cover to dim the brightness somewhat. House lights should not be turned on until after the pledge has been given.

Tonight you may see
Witches on their brooms.
Tonight you may witness
The man on the moon.

Tonight you may hear
All sorts of scary sounds
Of what comes up from the ground.
Don't scream, Don't be frightened,

Most of all don't fear.
It's only Halloween that comes.
But once a year.

Please join me now in the Pledge of Allegiance.




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