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Cat Came Back, The

Well, old Mr. Johnson had troubles all his own,
He had an old yeller cat that wouldn't leave home,
Tried everything he knew to get the cat to stay away,
Even took him up to Canada and told him for to stay,

But the cat came back, the very next day,
The kitty came back, 'cause he wouldn't stay away,

Well, the farmer on the corner said he'd shoot him on sight,
So he loaded up his gun full of rocks and dynamite,
The gun went off, heard ALL over town,
Little pieces of the man was all that they found,


Well, they give a boy a dollar, to set the cat afloat,
So he took him up the river, in a sack in a boat,
Well, the fishing it was fine, 'till the news got around,
That the boat was missing and the boy was drowned,


Well, they give him to a man, going up in a balloon,
And they told him for to leave him with the Man in the Moon,
The balloon got busted, back to Earth it sped,
And seven miles away they picked the man up dead,


Well, they finally found a way, this cat for to fix,
And they put him in an orange crate on Route 66,
Come a ten ton truck with a twenty ton load,
Scattered pieces of the orange crate all down the road,


Well, they took him to Cape Canaveral, and they put him in a place,
Shot him in a U.S. rocket going 'way out in space,
Well, they finally thought the cat was out of human reach,
Next day they got a call from Miami Beach,


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