Give The Flame To Others
Posted On: 2020-10-20


Cubmaster stands in front, with eight or 10 Cub Scouts in a semicircle behind him. Each holds a candle.

CUBMASTER: For our theme this month, we have been helping others and giving goodwill. I hope you have found that when you help others and give goodwill, you don't lose anything. In fact, you gain.

It's like the light from this candle. (Light candle.) This is a very small flame. But when I give the flame to others (light candles held by Cub Scouts), the light is much greater for all of us.

In the same way, we can light up our world by helping and giving to others. Please join me in our pledge to do that by repeating the Law of the Pack. (Lead Law.)

Source: Illowa Council




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