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Give Thanks To Your Great Creator

PROPS: Electric campfire that a remote switch so you can turn it on. Akela in headdress and Indian feathers (if possible). Have everyone seated In den groups and the room in darkness or little light.

AKELA: (Raise arms until everyone is quiet) All is quiet, the Great Spint watches. We have all gathered around the Council fire to learn of the wisdom of our elders. Do I hear the Bobcats? (All Bobcats howl like bobcats)

Are the Wolfs here? (Wolfs all howl) Are the Bears gathered? (Bears wuff and growl) Are the Webelos here?

(Webelos yell "Weee beee loooyalll Scooouuuts!)

AKELA: (Have all do their yell again together then call for quiet) We are all here, let the council fire ignite.

(Have assistant turn on the switch)

AKELA: (Raise arms to heaven and look up) O Great Father in the sky, listen to thy people.

1ST BRAVE: We thank Thee for the light of the sun each day and the beauty of the earth.

2ND BRAVE: We thank Thee for me plants and animals Thou hast created for us to enjoy.

3RD BRAVE: We thank Thee for the moon and stars at night and the fire which gives us warmth and cooks our food.

AKELA: Rise up all you braves. Rise up white brothers. Rise up all people. (motion for audience to rise) Wewant to honor the flag of our white brothers.

FLAG BEARER: (brings in American flag, sets in stand) This banner stands for freedom, liberty, and  possibilities for all. We honor it and respect it. It is our country's ensign. Let us pledge...

AKELA: White brothers give thanks to your Great Creator (have prayer).


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