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A News reporter enters the stage and complains that there is no news. He sees a cliff and decides to jump off. He stands on the edge of the cliff ready to jump; he begins to swing his arms and to count to three…. 1…2…as he gets to two a Second person runs on shouting STOP! What are you doing? The new reporter explains. The Second mans decides that he'll Jump too, as he is the sheriff of this small town and there is no crime and his cell is empty. As they both prepare to jump a third man runs on…1st and 2nd men explain what they are doing…. He decides that he will also jump because he is a Doctor with no patients. Then a Dairy farmer runs on as he has an udder disaster because his herd has no milk. Finally they all jump except for the reporter…he shouts excitedly " wow! Now I really have a story to write about! Four People jump from a cliff in mass suicide!"

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