Posted On: 2020-10-20


Great time to look up people who were old Cub and Boy Scouts. Find out if they have some old uniforms. You can also look them up in old Scout books. Have skits that show some of the events in Scouting. Cubs enter carrying signs with the letters on front to spell.


G: great, going gangbusters, gigantic, glorious, glamorous


R: real cool, riotous, robust


E: eventful, envious, energized, elevated, electrified


A: adventurous, all right


T: tremendous, terrific


S: super, stupendous


C: creative, colossal.


O: out of this world, outrageous


U: ultra WOW, unified


T: terrific, talented


I: ingenious, ideal


N: neat, gnarly




All: Great events of Scouting are all these and more