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Future Of Our World

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EQUIPMENT: Three signs with Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear printed on each respectively. Narrator holds  each sign up as he tells what the future will look like.

NARRATOR: In the year 2030 A.D., Cub Scouts will be 100 years old. You Tigers will be 37 years old, Wolves, will be 38. Bears will be 39 and you Webelos will be 40. Most of you boys will have sons who are or have been Cub Scouts. Some of you may have an Eagle Scout in your family. You could even have a grandson who will soon be a Tiger Cub. This is how the Bobcats of the future will look like.

B - Their hair will be blond, black brown or bald.

O - Olive or fair skin,

B - Blue eyes or brown.

C - Curly hair, if any, or straight, long or short.

A - Athletic or studious, maybe both.

T - Tall or short.

Now the Wolfs of the future will be:

W- Willing, cheerful.

O - Obey the laws.

L- Love his neighbors.

F- Fathers

The future Bears will have learned:

B -Business

E - Ecology

A - Agriculture

R - Reading, riting, rithmatic

Put them all together and they spell the future of our world.


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