Dinosaur Hunt
Posted On: 2020-07-17

Setting: Badges to be awarded, paleontologist's hammers,
chisels, and magnifiers
Scene:  The Cubmaster (CM) and Assistant CM (CA) walk
through the pack while conversing.
CA: I'm going on a dinosaur hunt.
CM: For big dinosaurs?
CA: No, not in size, but big in ideals.
CM: Can I go along?
CA: Yes, but you may have to help with their parents.
CM: O.K., but are they dangerous?
CA: No, but they are smart. They have taught their Cub
Scouts many things.
CM: There's one now. And there's another.
(Continue until all Scouts receiving awards and their
parents are identified. The leaders escort the Cub Scouts
and their parents to the front. They speak briefly about the
Scouts' accomplishments in earning advancement, giving
credit to the parents for helping. The badges are given to the
parents to present to their sons.)

References / Source:
Sam Houston Area Council