Jurassic Pack Opening
Posted On: 2020-07-17

Each boy comes out holding a letter, with his part written in
LARGE letters on the reverse. At the end, the boys will be
spelling out Jurassic Pack. If you have fewer boys, have
them come out and add the letters to the wall or a display
one by one.
CM: We have been learning about Dinosaurs this
month, and celebrating the importance of our
natural environment.
DL: The boys of Den__ have a fun way to tell you
about their activities, take a look!
Cub #1: J is for Join in the fun, every boy is important to
our den and pack!
Cub #2: U is for YOU - an important part of our Pack,
without parents, Cub Scouts can't advance.
Cub #3: R is for Reminders.  Cub Scouts need to be
reminded to wear their uniform and bring their
Cub #4: A is for Always Do Your Best, our Cub Scout
Cub #5: S is for Service.  This month, we had fun while
we gave service by___________.
Cub #6: S is for Scouting Spirit.  We had great fun in our
den doing (making, playing) _____________.
Cub #7: I is for Individual Advancement, we keep
working to earn new beads, arrow points and
other awards!
Cub #8: C is for cooking and making great treats, but
our favorite part is eating them!
Cub #9: P is for Paleologist, they know how to find and
uncover dinosaur bones so we can see them in
Cub #10: A is for Akela, our leaders helped us learn about
dinosaurs and share what we learned.
Cub #11: C is for Challenges, our favorite challenge this
month was____(could be a game, a craft, maybe
making a volcano)
Cub #12: K is for Keeping Busy.  This month, we kept
very busy working on _________.
ALL: And this is our Jurassic Pack!

References / Source:
Alice, Golden Empire Council


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