Dino Eggs
Posted On: 2021-03-13

Hard-boiled eggs
Small bowl
3 cups Cool water
1 envelope unsweetened kool-aid mix ( choose bright colors)
Clear plastic wrap

1) Gently tap the hard-boiled eggs ( make sure they are not hot) all over till the shells cracked. Do not take the shells off the eggs.
2) In a small bowl stir together water and kool-aid mix. Add cracked eggs to the colored water.
3) Cover the small bowl with plastic wrap.
4) Place it in the refrigerator.
5) Leave the eggs in a bowl for about 2 days. remove the eggs and throw away the colored water.
6) Peel the shells off the eggs. Your Dino eggs are now ready to eat.

References / Source:
Kathy, Hiawatha Council & Circle Ten Council


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