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Dino Jokes

body len: 1363

REX: Hey, Tyrone!

TYRONE: Hey, Rex!

REX: Hey Tyrone! What do you call fossils that won’t come out of the ground?

TYRONE: Lazy bones!
Hey Rex! I heard an amazing story about you. A volcano erupted under you sending you rolling down the mountain and you crashed into big tree which then fell on you.

REX: Oh, yes! That tumble down the mountain really made this dino-sore!
Hey Tyrone! Look at us. Why are we big and green and covered with scales?

TYRONE: Because if we were small, white and fluffy, no one would be afraid of us!

REX: Hey, Tyrone, I saw you crossing the road. Why did you do that?

TYRONE: Someone had to do it. You know the chicken hasn’t evolved yet!
Say, Rex. You look frazzled. What’s up?

REX: Oh, too much! All 27 of our eggs hatched at once and all the babies were crying and hungry and ripping up the furniture and biting my tail. I’ve spend all day changing diapers, killing prey and pulling the babies out of the tar pits.

TYRONE: Wow! You must be worn out!

REX: You bet! I’m a nervous Rex!

TYRONE: That’s too bad, but I’m in a bad way myself. You know how much I love charging around the jungle, right?

REX: I sure do! I hear you charging around all day. And then you stopped. Why?

TYRONE: They took away my credit card! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

REX: Goodbye Tyrone!

TYRONE: Goodbye Rex!

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