Frozen T’s
Posted On: 2022-05-31

Required: Plastic storage bag, freezer, and large size T-shirts
Players: Small to large groups

For each team, you'll need one T-shirt and one plastic storage bag. Place one nicely folded T-shirt in each bag then pour in about 2 cups of water and freeze all of them overnight. If this wasn't done where the event is taking place bring the T-shirt in a cooler filled with ice to keep them frozen. Instruct the teams that they'll be playing an Ice Breaker game. Then hand out the bagged T-shirts to each team. On "Go" the teams will have to get their T-shirts thawed out so that one person from their team can put the T-shirt on. Teams will get creative in their attempts to win. They could run the shirts underwater, put them in the microwave, and even pound the ice out of them. The first team to come back with one person in the T-shirt is the winner.