Alexander Patton, Volunteer
Posted On: 2019-07-11


Although I am young, I have been working with children and youth since I was in high school. I have always had a passion for working with youth, and have decided to make it my life.

My Scouting life – I was a cub scout for two years when I was young but ended up moving on to other things, even though I stayed connected with the scouting community, especially on the internet. In 2007, I wanted to get back into scouting and became an assistant cub scout leader with 6th Chilliwack Cubs in Chilliwack, British Columbia where I remain today.


I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care and may become a Youth Probation Officer in the future. I do a lot of volunteer work with youth, including assisting at a local elementary school and organizing the youth program for boys of the local Knights of Columbus.

I also work with youth at risk, such as in Restorative Justice, where I volunteer as a Youth Mentor. I enjoy working with these youth and trying to help them find a better life for themselves.

I also have an interest in Tourettes Syndrome after working at a camp that hosted a special camp for kids with Tourettes. I am a member of the Tourettes Syndrome Foundation of Canada.

I have a never-dying interest in starting my own business and have been on the lookout for the perfect business to suit me. My goal for the future is to create an outdoor wilderness center for troubled youth since I love being in the outdoors.

I love building websites, working on video production, and editing images. I am currently in the process of producing a junior hockey website with many cool features.

I have an avid interest in photography and have previously worked for a local newspaper as a freelance photographer. I enjoy sports photography the most, especially hockey and basketball.

I also have a large interest in first aid and paramedicine and plan on getting my Emergency Medical Responder certificate shortly.




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