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Newsletter - 2002 - June

InsaneScouter News

Volume: 2

Issue: 6

June 2002

Thank you for subscribing to the InsaneScouters monthly newsletter. It is our intention to provide you with information and resources to help you run your units program. Please reply to this newsletter if you have any suggestions on how we can better help you..

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Boys Life Themes   Monthly Poll Results

(Note, some requirements may be out of date)
Program Month InsaneScouter Resources
Cub Scouts
Milk Carton Bird Feeder
Naturalist - Bird Word Scramble
Naturalist - Rare Bird Facts
Naturalist - Species of Nature
Naturalist - Nature Quiz
The Animals are Loose
Traveler & Artist
Boy Scouts

InsaneScouter Resources

General Gadgets
Camp Gadgets

Various Online Resources

Bob Hewitt's Autorepair Page
Autoshop Online!

ALLDATA's Automotive Repair Info
WWW Virtual Library: Autos

Which one of the following is the full name of the founder of world Scouting movement?

Lord Robert Baden Powell 63.6%
Lord Robert Stevenson Smyth Baden Powell 18.2%
Sir Robert Baden Powell 9.1%
Sir Robert Stevenson Smyth Baden Powell 9.1%
Sir Robert Steven Smith Baden Powell 0.0%
Lord Robert Steven Smith Baden Powell 0.0%

This was kind of a trick question if I would have asked what is the name of the founder of world Scouting movement then the answers marked in navy would have been correct along with the red ones however since i asked for the full name only the 2 marked in red are correct. For more information about Lord Baden Powell visit The Pine Tree Website.

Whats New at InsaneScouter.com

I am proud to announce many of the new features and content now available at InsaneScouter. Below you will find a list of what these updates are and where to find them.

I am proud to announce several new features recently added to Insanescouter's Web Site

  • Several addtional picture categories added to our Post Card Section
  • A brand new feature for your Scouting Web Sit, a pop-up tip window that provides your vistiors with fresh and ever changing tips, quote and Scouting related information. To add this feature to your web site or to learn more click here

Fun Activities - Egg Carton Bugs Craft

Materials Needed:
Egg Cartons
Misc Supplies (wiggle eyes, felt, pipecleaners, sequins, etc)

Use egg carton cups to make a variety of bugs! Cut a long row of cups and make a caterpiller. Use two sections and some tissue paper and make a butterfly. Make a spider with long, pipecleaner legs! Use your imagination and I bet you can think of a lot more!

Fun Activities - Nature Activities

Acorn Finger Puppets
Very quick and easy! Pull the tops off of acorns and use them as hair or hats for finger puppets. Simple stick them on your fingers and draw a face on your finger. Presto! Instant finger puppets!

Daisy Chains
Kids can either do this by themselves or together, to create one long chain, see who can make the longest chain, or just to make pretty natural jewelry for themselves. This can also be done with other wild flowers - ones with stiff stems work the best.

First you have to start by picking a lot of daisies (or whichever flower you are using). Next you make a cross out of two daisies laying one over another sideways. Bend the stem of the top daisy under the stem of the bottom daisy, then up and over both stems. Pull the stem tight so that it makes a knot. Keep adding daisies in the same manner - tying them on, until you run out of flowers. You can make necklaces, bracelets and head pieces by tying the end daisy back to the beginning daisy to make a complete circle.

Indoor Twig Relay
Have a group of winter twigs scattered at one end of the room, as many of each kind as there are players. Show a twig, as the white ash. The players may look as long as they wish. Samples are then passed back and they are given 30 seconds to get a white ash twig. Everyone back in his seat with a white ash twig at the end of 30 seconds gets one point.

Nature Sounds
The group is given five minutes to see who can make the longest list of things heard in the woods during that time. It may be a raindrop, crow, cow, rooster in distance, rustling leaves of oak or the swish of the pine, tapping of the woodpecker, or song of the brook.

Sand Tracking
Make puzzles on the beach, such as: someone has a piggy back ride, someone falls down and is helped up, someone crawls on hand and knees to view a bird, etc.

Boy Scout Camp Gadgets

Most of these gadgets are Pioneering (knots and lashing) in nature and may require a fair amount of lashing skill, rope and other lashing materials.

General Gadgets
Camp Gadgets

InsaneScouter Monthly Tip

In warm-weather camping, pay close attention to your body’s response to the heat. A rapid, weak pulse, rapid, shallow breathing or red, hot, dry skin are all indications of a heatstroke, a serious medical emergency. If you recognize any sign of a heat-related illness in you or another camper, get out of the heat immediately. Loosen clothing. Apply cool, wet cloths. Drink cool water, but slowly. Seek medical help.

Fun Activities - Flora the Flea Skit


(The performer is putting his trained flea Flora through all her tricks, explaining all her tricks as she does them. His eyes follow every flip, jump, etc. as she performs and lands back in his hand.

The he asks her to jump to the ceiling. His eyes lose her and she doesn't return. He looks high and low (perhaps with the help of a friend) but can't find her. Finally he looks in someone's hair.)

Performer: (Delighted) Flora! There you are! I'm so glad to have you back.

(looks more closely.) But say ... this isn't Flora!

Fundrasing - IRS Contributions Rules: What You Should Know.

Have you ever wondered if you are following all of the tax rules when you give your donors their donation receipt?

Your organization hosts a banquet for a donation of $25 per seat. The dinner costs $10. What is the allowable deduction for the donor and what amount should you have on your receipt that you issue to them?

Since your donor will not know what the dinner costs or any other benefits they receive, you will have to specify for them what is the allowable donation deduction. Find out how to figure your donor receipts at the IRS Contributions section.

-- Taken from the "Profit Quests' Fundraising News Weekly" newsletter http://www.profitquests.com/Newsletter.html

InsaneScouter Moment - SALT OF THE EARTH

Who can tell me what "salt of the earth" means? That's right, it means a person who has a fine character and is a nice guy to be around. The expression "salt of the earth" probably came from the fact that common salt improves the taste of a lot of foods. As you young Scouts will discover while you are working on your Cooking skill award, salt is used in many recipes - maybe most of them for breakfast and dinner dishes.

Just as the salt improves the flavor of many foods, a person who is the salt of the earth improves the lives of those around him. He lives every day by the Scout Oath and Law, even if he's not a Scout. He does his daily Good Turn and he deals fairly with everyone he meets.

You can be the salt of the earth, too, just by living the Oath and Law. Let's remind ourselves of what it takes by repeating the Law now (Lead Law. )


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