First Americans
Posted On: 2019-03-28

ARRANGEMENTS: U.S. flag is posted on stage. Four Cub Scouts in Indian costume say the following lines, with another boy acting as narrator.

NARRATOR: We, the first American call your attention to this flag - the symbol of our country's beginning. Let us go back to a time before our flag and country was formed. We witnessed the early history that led to our becoming an independent nation Hear how its growth spanned a continent. Hear the words of those who have seen this history.

1ST BOY: I am an Algonquin. I stood by the big water and saw the Pilgrims land, 

2ND BOY: I am of the Iroquois tribe. I served for a white man in the battle they call the Revolutionary War.

3RD BOY: My people are called the Sioux. We saw the wagon trains cross the prairie to the land of the sun.

4TH BOY: I am of the Navajo tribe. Our young men served as radio operators in the Signal Corps during World War II.

NARRATOR: When we look at this flag, we think of these things. Will you now please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance?



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