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Cubmaster's Closing Minute

"I will do my best!" Do these words sound like there is a job that has to be done? Yes, it does. What do they mean? These words explain what every Cub Scout, Webelos, and adult leader has promised to do.
What do they mean for the young 7 year old Cub Scout? For him they mean that he will try to do his best in all things that are taught to him by his Den Leader at den meetings and by his Cubmaster at pack meetings. He has to do his best in helping around the house, school, and community.

What do they mean for the Webelos? He now turns his thought to going on Scout trips, hiking, and camping out under the stars with just the sounds of the night all around him. He learns the first part of the Scout Oath that says, 'On my honor, I will do my best.  Yes, like the knights of old, he has to be gallant, brave, and strong. He has to do his best to be kind, courteous, thrifty, and prepared at all times, especially when called upon in times of need.

What do they mean for the adult Scouter? This is the person who lives up the street and has volunteered to see that activities for the boys get carried out. The adult leaders have to do their best in showing and teaching the boys how to do their best. They give up their time to go to training, committee meetings, and den and pack meetings.

But what is the true meaning of 'To do your best'? It means doing the best work and service that you are a of at all times. Service to your family, to God, and to your community. As we leave tonight, let us all remember that doing his best is one way a Cub Scout Gives Goodwill during the holiday season and throughout the year. 

Kindness With Youngsters: Get kids excited about kindness! Setup a 'lemonade' stand on a busy street corner in your neighborhood to raise money for a local charity. Identify powerful quotes on kindness and have a teacher put them up in his/her classroom. Encourage a child to start a conversation with a new kid in the community, or eat lunch at school with someone whom he/she doesn't normally talk to. Throw a party with youngsters, where they make 'SMILE' posters and waive them at nearby street intersections. Engage kids in volunteerism by helping out at a local animal shelter. As a family, write thank you cards for your garbage collector, postman, gardener and other people who provide often-overlooked services.

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