Exploring Alaska Theme
Posted On: 2020-10-15


(Den leader uses as an introduction to a theme) Many years ago, the part of the world we now know as Alaska was a vast frontier. There were very few people there - only the Eskimos. As Americans became restless with everyday life, a few brave men began to explore the U.S.'s unknown and unpopulated areas -eventually.

Alaska! Here they found a beautiful land with bountiful resources. There were huge herds of caribou, deer, bears, fish, and other wildlife that astounded these brave men.

As the years passed, more and more resources were discovered gold, lumber, fishing industry, and oil. If you think of your life as an explorer would, you are also discovering the countless wonders of a new frontier.

Scouting can help you along the way - it opens your eyes to some new things that maybe you hadn't thought of before. Now let us go together and explore the world of Scouting.