Boxes - A Game For Buddies
Posted On: 2022-05-18

In this game, opponents compete to make the greatest
number of boxes out of a dot grid.

To begin, players draw a square grid of 16 dots with
four even rows of four dots. (After you get good, use a
larger grid)

Players take turns drawing lines connecting any two
dots that are next to each other.

The lines must be horizontal or vertical (no diagonals)
and each player can only draw one line at a time.

As lines accumulate, each player tries to be the one who
can close up a four-dot box by drawing the fourth line.

When a player completes a box, he claims it with his
initial and then draws another line. He can go on as long
as he keeps completing boxes.

Sometimes drawing the fourth line on a box can start a
chain reaction. When the player cannot complete any
more boxes, then it is finally the other player’s turn

The game is over when all the dots are connected and
the boxes are filled in with initials. The player with the
most boxes is the winner.

Square grids can be made of any size for a longer game.

Players can also try to complete the smallest number of
boxes rather than the greatest number of boxes. In this
variation, the player who has the fewest boxes at the end
of the game is the winner.