Promise/Law Puzzle
Posted On: 2022-05-18

This came from a Den leader of 14 Wolf cubs. She used
this jigsaw puzzle type game to help them learn the Cub
Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

Write out the Promise and Law on pieces of two-foot by
two-foot 1/4 inch masonite.

Then use a jigsaw to cut out each word. When you are
done each word will be a separate piece of the puzzle.

Have the Cubs take turns in groups of four (or so)
putting the puzzles together.

Time the groups to see which group is the fastest to
assemble the puzzles.

It took the DL about an hour and $5 to make 2 of each
puzzle. The puzzles are also good for gathering activities, as
boys arrive, to keep them busy until everyone is there.