Cub Scout Stew
Posted On: 2008-08-26


  • On stage is a huge pot, made from a cardboard carton.
    The pot could be painted on the side of the carton.
  • Boys in the pot, pile on top of each other face down.
  • Boy with chef's hat is stirring in pot with a broomstick.

Chef: (Pretends to taste) Hmmm-mm. Tastes like a
well-rounded den to me.

DL: What did you put in it?

Chef: (reading from oversized card marked “Recipe”)
Cub Scouts that do their best. (Any number of
uniformed Cubs climb into pot)
“A sense of humor” (Grinning Cub wearing sign
“Humor” climbs in pot)
“A pinch of wanting to please” (Cub wearing
sign, “I want to please” climbs into pot)
“A dash of mischief” (Cub wearing sign
“Mischief”' climbs into pot)
“A bit of Obedience” (Cub wearing sign
“Obedience” climbs into pot)
“A bundle of sunshine” (Cub wearing
“Sunshine” sign climbs into pot)
"And a ton of energy” (Cub wearing “Energy”
sign scampers into pot)
“Stir well and you have Cub Scout Stew”.

DL: (Pretends to taste) Hmmm-mm. A few parents
and a Den Chief and it will be absolutely perfect!



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