Cub Scout Word Scramble
Posted On: 2022-05-17


• You can put these all on a sheet of paper for
unscrambling and have everyone work alone or in pairs.

• You can give those coming into your meeting each a
scrambled word and you put the unscrambled word on
someone else's back. They will then need to find the
person who has the unscrambled word on their back to
match their scrambled word.

• You can give out one word at a time to a Cub and when
he solves it, give him another. See who gets the most
before the meeting starts.

1. SETCUMBRA (Cubmaster)

2. END (Den)

3. KCPA (Pack)

4. LEAKA (Akela)

5. FOWL (Wolf)

6. ERBCBU (Cubber)

7. TOBBAC (Bobcat)

8. HENFIDEC (Den Chief)

9. YOCBOUST (Boy Scout)

10. ERLDEANED (Den Leader)

11. RAWAD (Award)

12. NEOLDODED (Den Doodle)

13. REKIFENCHEC (Neckerchief)

14. SLOBEEW (Webelos)

15. NEDREN (Denner)

16. ABER (Bear)

17. METHE (Theme)