Posted On: 2022-05-11

PROPS: Make a banner with the word GREETINGS and
artwork that fits the theme. Have as many Cub Scouts as
needed hold and recite the lines. Have the audience act out
the action that is read.

CM: Tonight as we welcome you, we need you to
remember the Law of the Pack follow Akela.
That is doing what the Cubs upfront are asking you to
do for each letter. Cubs, please demonstrate each
action for our audience after you say it,

Cub #1: G --Glad to see you here tonight

Cub #2: R --Reach out your hand to a friend

Cub #3: E --Everyone smile and shake your hands

Cub #4: E --Everybody grins and nods at another friend

Cub #5: T --Together now, stand up on your feet

Cub #6: I --I'd like you all to take your seat

Cub #7: N --Now that we’re friends, we’ll start the show

Cub #8: G --Goodwill is a feeling we all like to know

Cub #9: S --So now we say greetings to everyone.
Spreading goodwill – that’s what we’ve done.

CA: We'd like you all to rise and salute the flag and
say the Pledge of Allegiance.



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