A Cub Scout Greeting
Posted On: 2008-08-26

This is a good opening for a month when you have lots of New Cub Scouts.

Cub # 1: Come one, come all, come join our pack.
It’s so much fun, we keep coming back.

Cub # 2: We play some games and get together,
No matter what kind of weather.

Cub # 3: We wear the colors blue and gold,
Faith and love in our hearts we hold.

Cub # 4: We love our country and our liberty.
On this all Cub Scouts will agree.

Cub # 5: We’re true Cub Scouts in every way.
We “Do Our Best” and we obey.

Cub # 6: We know the Promise, Salute, and the Law,
But the Pledge of Allegiance we know above all

Cub # 7:
Come – Father, mother, sister and brother –
Come join the fun, it’s like no other,

Cub # 8:
So on this year of celebration
We pledge our love and dedication

Cub # 9:
To ourselves, our family, and our nation.
Now, please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.



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