Down Through The Ages
Posted On: 2020-08-28


Down through the ages, symbols have been important to man. First, he used special-shaped clubs to recognize men or friendly tribes. later, colored skins were hung from poles and special insignia were painted on them.

The color white, which is the total absence of color, has been associated with purity and non-aggression. A person who carries a white flag was recognized to be carrying no weapons.

The color red has always stood for danger. It represents the spilled blood if the sign was not heeded.

The color Blue stood for the glory of the sky. these three colors do not mean much separate, but together they represent the symbol of our great country.

The flag of the United States with its' blue field and stars represents a new constellation. The Red symbolizes the bloodshed by our fathers to make this great nation. The white stands for purity which our fathers hoped to use in the guidance of our country.

My Flag-whether floating proudly in the sunshine before the capitol in Washington or fluttering from a stern battleship ready to protect our liberties or born in loyal peace in school, Church or Civic occasion - my Flag, the Flag of America, Home Liberty, the soil of opportunity, tower of power rightly used - My America.

Let's all stand and give the Pledge of Allegiance.




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