Whistler Precision Drill Team
Posted On: 2008-09-05

Acquire an album such as Mitch Miller's choir whistling the theme song to "Bridge Over the River Kwai", the "Colonel Bogey March", or one of Sousa's marches. Use as many guys as you would like to involve. Each boy provides a shirt and tie, a jacket and slacks, and a pair of gloves. Stuff the arms of the jacket and attach the gloves to the arms. Arrange the shirt, jacket and tie around the hips. A face is painted on the boy's naked chest and stomach. A hat is made where the brim is three feet in diameter with a hole that will fit over the shoulders. The bowl of the hat can be made out of some cheap cloth, large enough so that a guy can hold his hands over his head and yet have the brim of the hat come just below his shoulders. The brim can be made out of cardboard. The overall effect is that of some very short guys with very big heads. They march around the stage like a precision team to one of the above tunes, acting as if they're whistling by sucking their stomachs in and out. If desired, the shirt, tie, and pants can also be easily substituted with a scout shirt, neckerchief and pants. The hat can be made to resemble a scout hat.



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